Long Beach Koh Rong Sihanoukville Cambodia


With over 25 white sand beaches, relatively untouched jungle, great restaurants, massage, fishing, exciting underwater diversity and night time entertainment, Koh Rong has plenty to see and do no matter what your tastes.

Most of the island is still covered in thick jungle, which the adventurous can explore at their leisure following the pre marked trails. There are no roads on Koh Rong so the best way to get around is on foot but for those who prefer to relax, accessing other parts of the island is easily done by long tail boat. Diving and snorkelling are excellent both off the beach and at nearby sites. A little known attraction is the phosphorescent water which sparkles when disturbed like twinkling stars. Best seen in around 4 feet of water and on a dark part of the beach.

Koh Rong Island, along with Koh Rong Samloem the Island next door, are Cambodia’s largest, most popular dive sites. The waters around Koh Rong, are consistently between 27-31C, making Scuba Diving and Snorkeling very popular. The water is fairly calm and shallow, with exceptional clarity, for the majority of the year. For More Information on Diving and Snorkeling, in the area please visit – http://kohrong-divecenter.com

If you like adventure and nature you can explore Koh Rong’s jungle. Prepare yourself for many shady hours under the jungle’s canopy. You can take an organised trek or go independently, Trails are marked for the most part. Make sure you are well informed before, entering the jungle. If you are lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse of: Macaws (monkeys), Toucans (Hornbills), Fishing Eagle, King Fisher, reptiles, great variety of insects and more. Jungle trekking has a variety of possible destinations including the villages, waterfalls, empty and natural beaches.

The good news is there is that there are no professional commercial tour boat operator based in or around Koh Rong, which means that most tours are greatly influenced by our guest’s ideas. If you have the budget you can charter a boat for the day, if you don’t have the budget then round up some extra people and split the cost of a boat. You have options of Speed boat rental, slow boat rental, island round trips, fishing trips, sunset and dinner trips. It goes without saying that a day out like this will capture your heart and stick in your memories for some time to come.